Golden Ears Family Practice


Latest News on the Clinic:

The Golden Ears Family Practice is a full service Family Medical Facility specializing in a broad range of medical care. This includes providing quality, comprehensive medical care for families and people of all ages. When care is required from other specialties, your family physician will refer you appropriately.

Our services include:

Our new Medical facility offers up to date and high quality equipment and services to make it easy for our doctors to provide you with the best and most complete care possible. The clinic has fully switched to electronic medical records in order to reduce paperwork load and improve the efficiency of a busy medical clinic

We look forward to providing you with the best possible personal medical care.

Financial Arrangements

Our clinic services are covered by MSP with the exception of driver’s medicals, medico-legal reports, insurance forms and neurofeedback. In some instances 3rd party coverage applies. Please contact the office at or 604 465 1066 for further details.